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Events Huddle is a beautiful and easy to use virtual and hybrid events platform to help you host and produce high quality events. Contact us today for a free demo.

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Why EventsHuddle?

EventsHuddle provides a platform for organizaions to host and deliver high quality events with ease and comfort. From virtual booths to agenda, speakers and networking by text, audio or video, your attendees can have a full fledge event experience from the comfort of their home.



EventsHuddle Features


Enter the virtual lobby to meet and navigate the event.

Exhibit Hall

Take a virtual walk to the exhibit hall to visit booths and chat with others.


Visit the auditorium to see who will be on stage next.


Add vidoes and PDFs to your briefcase. The contents will be emailed to you after the event.


Visit the lounge to network with attendees. You can participate in public chats, one-on-one chats, audio and video calling.

After Event

Have access to all videos after the event so you can review or catch up on the ones you’ve missed.

Exclusive Features

  • Networking – chat with anyone at anytime during the event.
  • Booths – visit and interact with booth associates.
  • Sessions – watch and listen to all sessions or pick and chose the ones you like to attend.
  • Briefcase – keep all information you picked up at booths in your virtual bag so you can review later.

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Host Virtual and Hybrid Events

Events Huddle is an innovative and intutive platform to help you host virtual and hybrid events with ease.

  • Customize to fit your needs
  • Select designs to match your events
  • Text, Video and Voice chats with attendees and speakers
  • Live technical support throughout your event
  • Unmatched before, during and after customer support.


Answers to Your Questions

What is EventsHuddle?

EventsHuddle is a leading virtual events platform, helping organizations and businesses of all sizes take their events online. Featuring a non-disruptive 3D virtual venue with features that can help you create a custom virtual experience for your audience. 

What are some of the features?

Features include live streaming, virtual exhibit booths, networking features, content sharing, and more. Every Eventshuddle event is supported by our outstanding customer service team, who’s there to help every step of the way.

What types of events is EventsHuddle best for?

EventsHuddle is virtual platform to host events for all types of organizations. Our event solutions can be scaled up or down to serve the needs of organizations of all sizes. Our virtual event platform have been used by clients around the world, from multinational corporations to startups and non-profits.

How can I view a demo of EventsHuddle in action?

To set up an appointment to view EventsHuddle, please reach out to us. Use the contact page to connect with one of our staff who will provide the necessary information and will answer all your questions regarding our events platform.

How do I run an event with EventsHuddle?

EventsHuddle will provide all support before your events so that you are comfortable with the platform. During the event, we provide customer support as well as tech support. Then after the event, we also provide support if need.

Do you provide a landing page for my event and also take care of registration?

Yes, our technical team will work with you to design your event landing page and registration feature so that your attendees information can be in the system to make use of all the features. 

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