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Before you sign up and commit to any event hosting service, it’s important to weigh your options. Choosing the wrong event hosting can mean lower ticket sales, decreased engagement, and even lost opportunities for you as an organizer. You want to make sure that the service you choose has the key features that will help your event thrive. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our features versus the leading competition’s for your peace of mind.


    EventsHuddle Leading Competitors
Custom landing pages  
Audio and video calls  
Customizable booths  
Detailed event analytics  
Upload your own avatars  
Breakout sessions  
Live technical support  
Customizable event branding  
Livestreaming capabilities  
Multimedia hosting  
Recording livestreams in-platform with real-time captions  
Immediate playback available after live stream production, no post-presentation necessary  
Uniquely tailored and affordable price plans  
Ability to host hybrid events  
A-la-carte graphic and event designing services  
A-la-carte training to prep you and your team facilitate your event  
A-la-carte event scriptwriting services  
A-la-carte live management of speakers/presenters  
Poll and survey implementation  
Add multimedia and important contents to virtual briefcase and email its contents straight to you  
Gamification features  

*competitor services may vary.


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EventsHuddle offers fully virtual and hybrid event planning options on an easy-to-use interface, plus a wide variety of intuitive features and add-on services at affordable rates. We want to help your event thrive and work with you to build your dream event!

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