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EventsHuddle is your all-in-one live streaming, video conferencing,
web conferencing, webinar and virtual/hybrid event platform.

This is the only events platform you will ever need to solve all your
virtual and hybrid events needs.

Intuitive Virtual Networking

Attendees and presenters may schedule and place video and audio calls, chat amongst each other at various booths, and connect seamlessly, much like at a physical conference.

Customizable Booths

Virtual booths at your event can be customized and individually managed by booth administrators. Admins can choose from a multitude of booth layouts and colour schemes, and upload their respective graphics, videos, documents, and links.

Simple Navigation

Navigate an expansive virtual lobby, visit the auditorium to watch presentations by event speakers, head to the exhibit hall to all view all booths, and stop by the real time lounge for chat, surveys and support.

In-Platform Data Analysis

Keep track of attendee information straight from our interface — specific booths attendees visited, what documents and on-demand videos they viewed, and who they chatted with at each booth. Polls and surveys can also be set up to capture specific metrics about the event.

Technical Support

Our team is available to support you each step of the way — before, during, and after the event — through email, phone, chat support, and training options.


The Lobby is the first thing your attendees see when they join an event, so be sure to customize it! You can add event and sponsor banners, as well as a customizable introductory video. You can also modify the lobby’s navigation buttons and their corresponding pages.

Exhibit Hall

Curious to see all booths present at the event? Chat with booth administrators and learn more about each company at the Exhibit Hall, just like in person. Plus, participate in live chats with panelists.

Virtual Booth (Example #1)

We don’t want to tell you how to run your booth, because the possibilities are endless! Our booth builder gives full control to customize and make it unique to your brand. Booth administrators have the option to customize booth layouts, colour schemes, add multimedia and social media links/documents, and upload signage. 

Virtual Booth (Example #2)

EventsHuddle makes booth customization easy. Customize your booth with your media library, including images, audio, and video. You can also upload your own personal documents and signage. Change the layout of your booth in a snap, or alter background colours to reflect your brand.


EventsHuddle is a modern, cloud-first video sharing platform for event organizers. Watch speaker presentations, see summaries and know who’s presenting at the auditorium. Each presentation is recorded and instantly uploaded in-platform with captions.


Find videos or documents in the Video Vault or Resources tab that you would like to see later? You can simply save them to your Briefcase with a single click of the “Add To Briefcase” button. Then when you are ready to view your selected content, you can send all of the links directly to your email without having to navigate through the event experience again.


Welcome to the Lounge – this is the place on EventsHuddle where you can have live conversations with fellow attendees. You can chat privately with another attendee or in groups. You’ll also find tech representatives from the EventsHuddle team in here, who are always ready to help with a technical difficulty!

Attendee management

The platform allows you to view who is logged in and allow or deny event access with a click of a button.

Branding Customization

All background and end-user graphics can be customized for the event. We have a full team of graphic artists that can bring your aesthetic vision to life.

Event Scheduling

Through the backend interface you are able to schedule all live presentations so that the attendees can view its contents, see who the presenters are, and mark down when it is.

Lead Generation

From the reporting that you have during and after the event will allow you or your direct customers to benefit from lead generation. You will know who visited your booth, what documents and topics they were interested in while at your booth.

Live Streaming Production

Our team will work with your event production team to provide a professional live stream output for your presentations. We can live stream to the platform of your choice, or you can use ours.

Online Registration

Attendees can register through our platform for the event coming up. Details can be set in the back end for proper registration details needed for the event.

Presentation Tools

Our platform allows presenters to share their computer screen directly when presenting and uploads it in real time. There is no post-presentation upload or conversion necessary.


Our In-House Certified Hybrid Virtual Event Directors and Planners can help you plan and manage your event so you can delegate to your team and have a more successful event. Check out our Service Fees page for more information.


One-on-one video, audio and text chat options between all attendees. Plus, schedule one-on-one meetings in time blocks in-platform.

AND add-on options!

"I love the creative options that EventHuddle provides. I can customize layout, colours and templates all in a few clicks!"

Elena Pankova, Art Director & Designer at Promotive Media Inc.

"The event was great. I thought the platform was very user-friendly. Your team was very organized, diligent, and quick to respond to questions."

OpenText on DX Summit 2021, hosted by EventsHuddle

"We thought it was a great event. I liked the breadth of guests/speakers. Overall, it was a fantastic effort - and we look forward to partnering with you on other events in the future."

Accenture on DX Summit 2021, hosted on EventsHuddle

"You turned the virtual event into a near 'in-person' event. The use of the Auditorium, Lobby, and other set-ups were very well done. The virtual platform is the best I've used yet."

Anonymous Attendee on C4SIR and Beyond 2022, hosted on EventsHuddle

"We really enjoyed the virtual booths for each of your events! It's interactive for folks and we are able to load all of our material. It really gives us the same look and feel as a real event and this is something that we appreciate."

IDEaS on Shiptech 2021, hosted on EventsHuddle

"EventsHuddle offers a very innovative virtual event platform. I have watched this company design and grow new disruptive products to serve the market. I like the flexibility that they provide so that I can offer my clients the best value, and an edge over their competition. They are a great team to work with, which is so important when it comes to working in this area of business."

Joel Mandelbaum#1 Bestselling Author for “Winning Online”

"Congrats on a well run conference - we do many conferences and events these days digitally and you all put on quite a show with amazing interaction. Thoroughly enjoyed the content, line up of speakers and interactive moments."

Microsoft on C4ISR and Beyond 2021, hosted on EventsHuddle

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