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The Only Events Platform You’ll Ever Need

EventsHuddle has many features and can be used for Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, Virtual Event Platforms, Web Conferencing, and Webinars. This is the only events platform you will ever need to solve all your virtual and hybrid events needs.

Attendee Management

Be able to understand who is logged in and allow or deny the users access to the event with one click of a button.

Customization of Branding

All background and end-user graphics can be customized for the event. We have a full team of graphic artists that create the proper look for you.

Event Scheduling

Through the backend interface you are able to schedule all live presentations so that the attendees can view what it is about, who the presenters are, and when it is.

Lead Generation

From the reporting that you have during and after the event will allow you or your direct customers to benefit from lead generation. You will know who visited your booth, what documents and topics they were interested in while at your booth.

Live Streaming Production

Our team will work with your event production team to provide a professional live stream output for your presentations. We can live stream to the platform of your choice, or you can use ours.

Online Registration

Attendees can register through our platform for the event coming up. Details can be set in the back end for proper registration details needed for the event.

Presentation Tools

Our platform allows to share computer screen directly with presentation, there are no uploads or conversion necessary for the presentation.

Private Chat

One-on-one video, audio or text chat between all attendees.

Value-Added Event Management

Our in-house Certfied Hybrid Virtual Event Director and Planner can help you plan and manage your event so you can delegate to your team and have a more successful event. Check out our Services Fees for more information.

Real-Time Chat

Real-time notification of chat messages.

Analyze Data

Reporting/Analytics – Tracks all attendees through the platform. What booths they visited, what presentations they hopped onto, what documents they viewed, and on demand videos they viewed, and can see who they chatted with inside the booth.

Survey/Poll Management – Add a survey or poll within the event so that capture feedback data of the event, or capture pertinent metrics about the event



Two Way Audio & Video – With a couple of clicks within the platform, you can find a person and either have a video call or audio call within the interface.

Virtual Individual Booths – Through our platform all booths will be created and can be individually managed by the booth administrators. They can choose a booth layout, colour scheme, people in the booth, graphics, documents, videos, social media links, and external links.

Virtual Lobby – When coming into the event, the first page they will see is the lobby, here you can go anywhere in the virtual with a click of the button, from the auditorium for all presentation, exhibit hall to all booths, real time lounge for chat, Surveys, and Support


We are here to support you each step of the way. Pre-event, at-event and post event.

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